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Vinyl Vision offers an exciting range of fun, contemporary and safe equestrian horse jump fillers which make a big impact on the appearance of your arena.

Appealing to all levels from the amateur rider through to clubs and trainers to equestrian competition centres.

Height is no longer a problem. Simply adjust the wing cups to the required height, roll the filler around the bottom pole for smaller horse jumps.

Our jump and training banners are a real alternative to wooden or plastic horse jump and show jump fillers. Easily transported, just roll-up and pop them in the back of your car.

They are easy to use and create a brightly coloured showjump quickly and easily. Simply slide a pole into the top and bottom sleeves and hang from jump wing cups. Then, when you have finished, roll-up to easily carry or store away. No more heavy lifting!

Vinyl Vision Jump fillers are soft and flexible which helps to reduce the risk of injury, however they make a solid looking, impressive fence that won’t flap when secured with a pole in the bottom pocket.

A vinyl jump filler has advantages over a rigid filler for many reasons. It is multi-purpose and can be used as a vertical filler or by laying it out on the ground it becomes a surface change to walk over or simulates a water tray under a jump.

Vinyl Vision Jump Banners can be used to expose your horse to different elements in a variety of ways, or building up confidence in nervous horse or riders. Adjustable filler/arena banner/tray/ditch/change of surface.

Simply lay the banner flat on the floor, slide a pole through the top pocket. Hang on the wings & then place the second pole through the bottom pocket.

Not only do we offer a large range of fun and unique filler designs. You can personalise your own filler with logos and offers to promote your business or sponsorship products and services.

Personalised jump fillers make great gifts with your own design, horse & rider names or photos.

Our banners are made using hardwearing ripstop material specially designed for outdoor use. Simply wipe clean with water.

No more rotten fillers!

No more painting!

No more heavy lifting!

Try something different and be unique!

Standard sized banners are approx. 80cm tall (remember these fillers are height adjustable)

Vinyl Vision Equestrian Show Jumping Fillers are made to order.

If you have specific dimensions please email us at for a quote and order.


Q. What are the advantages of using Show Jump banner fillers over wooden fillers?

A. Our fillers are light weight, easy to store and printed with Eco Solvent Inks which has no odour, doesn't contain any harmful ingredients and won't wash off in the rain. Wooden fillers generally rot, the paint chips, heavy to carry around and not height adjustable. We cannot say that our sleeves and fillers won't scuff - they may scuff if heavily knocked as any filler/pole would.

Q. How do I put Show Jump banner fillers up?

A. Our fillers have a sleeve at the top and bottom which the poles slide through. The poles are then placed on the cups of the jump wings. The weight of the bottom pole keeps the fillers taut. Our fillers are designed to fit standard plastic or wooden poles. They come in 3 lengths – Skinny, Standard (7ft), Affiliated (9ft).

Q. Will my horse hurt itself if it knocks down a Show Jump banner filler?

A. Your horse is less likely to hurt itself knocking down our fillers as they are soft and flexible unlike the wooden fillers. The banner filler will fall down with the pole when it's knocked down.

Q. Will they fall down or blow in the wind?

A. Very strong winds can cause all fillers and poles to fall down. On request we can insert eyelets on each corner and supply bungee ties. Which can then be tied more tightly to the pole.  The weight of the bottom pole keeps the banner taut which prevents flapping.

Q. Can I create my own design?

A.Yes you can! Simply get in touch with your requirements and I will send you an email with proofs to show how your filler will look.






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